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Jetski Rentals & Tours

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If you are looking to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery, or satisfy your need for speed, Oceanside Watersports offers you, your friends and family a unique Jet Ski ride adventure that is completely thrilling and unforgettable. If you never experience an exhilarating Jet Ski ride, do not wait another day.

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Boat & Yacht Rentals

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Whether you want to cruise, celebrate a special event, island hop, party at the sandbar, dine and cruise, or swim and snorkel in the beautiful waters that South Florida has to offer – you’ve come to the right place. We invite you and your guest to become part of the ever-growing list of satisfied customers that we have had the pleasure of serving since our commencement of services on South Florida.

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Kayak Rentals

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Easy to use and fun to enjoy, just grab a paddle and set your mind at ease while you experience the great waters of South Florida. You can paddle at your own speed and get in shape, or let the current take you as you fully enjoy yourself, while you take in the beautiful scenery of the Atlantic Ocean.

Great Workout at a Beginners Pace

Paddleboard Rentals

starting at $25
Do you want to get in shape, but you are tired of the gym workout routine? We offer a fun and exciting alternative enjoying the ocean while you get in shape. Not only is paddle boarding a great workout, but it is also completely beginner friendly. Paddle boarding is a cross between kayaking and surfing. You can do it standing up, sitting down, laying on your stomach or on your knees. The boards are designed to make it easy to balance on while you glide through the immaculate crystal-clear waters.

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With a full-size Olympic swimming pool as well as a kiddie pool with water feature, whether you are a single professional looking for somewhere to relax, swim, and sun bath or a family looking for fun for the kids and adults, you’ve come to the right club. On top of all that we also offer all the amenities of a private resort, right in your backyard.